Pete Blair - Bass and Backing Vocals


Pete is our bass player and sings backing vocals - the happy, cheerful Glaswegian. With all the other techies in the band it is perhaps ironic that he is the only one with a teched-up set list - he uses ‘Set List Maker’ on stage. The count-in function is brilliant, never mind the rest of it. 

He plays Overwater & Steinberger basses, Trace Elliot amps (the new ultra-light Elf series) for preference and says that a tuner is an effect - although he has been seen with a an effects board only slightly smaller than Vladi’s that apparently supplies an Octaver, Compression, and Overdrive as well as switching and a tuner (well of course). He uses IEMs when he can and earplugs when he can’t - and says that his tinnitus isn’t going to get any worse no matter how loudly Vladi plays. 

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