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Judi’s First Gig

We played Judi’s first gigi last weekend and it was a blast. We played a new set full of crowd-pleasers as well as a few tunes just for us. 

Thanks to everyone who came to see us, and to everyone who got up and danced (and sang along)!

On to the next!

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New Singer!

We have a new singer!

Judi auditioned last week and almost immediately she had fitted in with the rest of the band - so we offered her the gig almost immediately. 

IMG E7984

So - welcome to Judi! Now we just need to learn a new set…

Ferblanc Charity Ball 2017

On a wet and rather cold Saturday in November we played at the Ferblanc London Ball. It was a great everning for the charity and we were delighted to do our bit.

We started late but played a storming set running through to about midnight and got the crowd dancing and singing - pogoing in some cases we are assured.

Creak2016- - 1

What a great evening!

Thanks to Harper for her roadie duties

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ferblanc ball 1

The set was:

  1. Can’t Explain
  2. Peach
  3. Play the Fool
  4. Johnny B Goode
  5. Strange Times
  6. Open my Eyes
  7. 20th Century Boy
  8. I Won’t Back Down
  9. Teenage Kicks
  10. Sunshine of your Love
  11. Bohemian Like You
  12. TImes Like THese
  13. Feels LIke Rain
  14. Where is my Mind
  15. Are You Gonna Go My Way / Rebel Rebel
  16. Just
  17. Dakota
  18. Hard to Handle
  19. Let Me Entertain You
  20. Heroes
  21. Common People
  22. Learn to Fly
  23. Back in the USSR + reprise

Green Days 2017

Another great gig! We had a great time with a set of new and old songs which entertained a large and excited crowd. 

With a larger stage, we could move about a bit more and had some more space to get our sound just right - Vladi insists that made a real difference and who am I am to suggest otherwise.

We had a good crowd who danced through almost our whole set - thank you dancers and air guitarists!

Thanks to The Chiswick Calendar for the video!


We recently spent a day at The Farm - Genesis’ studio.

It was an honour to be allowed to record there and we were fortunate to be engineered by Harry Rutherford who did a great job for us. Thanks Harry!

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The Urban Bar

What a great gig - a good sound, a fair stage, a sympathetic sound guy and crowd that was knowledgable, appreciative, friendly, and just slightly drunk (just enough)!

We were at the Urban Bar in Whitechapel for Chris’ birthday party - something he was sharing with two others. We won’t mention his age - but it was a BIG birthday

Creak2016- - 3 (1)

We played a good set of party favourites and people danced and sang their hearts out - and that was just us in the band. Sorry if we disturbed you in Bethnal Green - but we were having a very good time…

Creak2016- - 4

Green Days 2016

A great gig!

Our first outing in our full new format as a five peice and we all had a great time and got the crowd up and dancing throughout our set. 

For the first time, we weren’t headlining (Sophie Ellis-Bextor - apparently - has more drawning power than we do. Who knew..?) but we played as if we were and produced 90 minutes of new and old songs.

Harper - Jon’s daughter - filled in for Pete recently and so she was back to play for one number (not that Pete’s threatened at all, oh no). It was lovely to have her on stage with us. Thanks Harper!

Thanks for coming if you did. If you weren’t there, you missed a good one!

Creak2016- - 1

Back to a Five-Piece

We’re delighted to say that Chris Kirwan is joinging the band, playing keys. Welcome!

It’ll take us a while to get a set as a five-piece, but we’ll be back gigging soon.

Watch out for us!


It was a great cause and a brilliant evening at the Pause Bar in Leadenhall on Thursday night.

We played a couple of sets to loud enthusiasm and enjoyed ourselves enormously. Vladi was on calm and restrained form as was Jon. We were joined at the end of the second set by former Creak Paul Chatterjee  - thanks for coming along Chatts.

Thanks also go to Ashley from Stag Music for providing & manning the PA free of charge. Thanks Ash! Final thanks go to Harper for end-of-the-night roadie duties.

The evening raised more than £1,800 (see here for the current total) - thanks to everyone for their support for such a good cause.

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Fundraiser Poster


What a great gig. 

We played for Vladi’s 40th birthday party at The Garage in Highbury. It’s a great venue - friendly staff (even the guys at the door were lovely!), and a great sound on stage and off. 

We’d had a couple of ‘issues’ in the run up - we were going to have a guest guitarist who had to drop out at the last minute, which rather made a mess of our first set - but we got through it really well in the end.

We had a great time, played well (there’s nothing quite like a bit of practice…) and got the crowd going. Kudos to Vladi and Jon who were particularly on top of their games!

On to the next one now!


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