In January 2017 we were at The Farm and worked with Harry Rutherford to record four tracks. These were all recorded with Paul, who retired from the band in 2018. We are building a new set with Judi and will get some audio up here as soon as we can!

This first track is a cover of “Strange Times” by The Black Keys. We love its energy - and Jon really nailed the drums

In honour of Mr. Bowie’s passing we recorded our version of “Heroes” which is always a great favourite when we play live

We are great fans of Rival Sons and so we wanted to play “Open my Eyes” which is one of a few of their tracks that we play live. Lovely doubled lines with guitar & bass.

Finally we have a softer song - “Feels Like Rain”. It’s a John Hiatt song but made famous by Buddy Guy who had Bonnie Raitt there to supply backing vocals. Lovely piano work, Chris…

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